Beasts from the East – Links and Lyrics

Thanks to everyone who’s helped get this video out there! It’s been a crazy and fun few days. In case you haven’t seen it, you can watch it here.

As of right now, it’s on the homepage of the Brave’s website. And that’s awesome.

My favorite link from this weekend is this one. It’s a piece written by Mark Townsend for Yahoo Sport’s MLB blog about Beasts from the East. Mark picks a few lyrics and unpacks them a little bit. I loved it.

A few people have asked for lyrics, so here they are:

Born and raised in Atlanta, I’m a fan of the right teams,
Braves, Falcons, Hawks, Atlanta Thrasher’s rest in peace,
If you’re part of Braves Country, let me see ya throw your A’s up,
We at the Ted, at the Dome you know we Raise Up!
So put your fitted on, hop on that MARTA,
Yeah it smells a little funny, but it’s cheaper and it’s SMARTA,
Two Uptons in Atlanta, man I think I hit the lotto,
But we lost a good man though, I love you Mr. Prado.

My boy J-Hey, making plays all day,
Got our man BJ, from the Rays to the A,
Signed his brother big J, now he represents the Braves,
Welcome to Atlanta where the players play,
Huddy on the mound, that’s a thrill on the real,
Beachy, Minor, and Maholm, Craig K with the kill,
Got ‘em shaking in their britches when they look up at hill,
Getting chills when they seein’ K-Med’s flat bill.

You hear welcome to the Jungle, better throw in the towel,
Cause my boy Craig is coming and you’re running in your bowels,
3 up and 3 down, when the fire’s on the screens,
Cause it’s another one bites the dust, Queen,
Wearing red, white, and blue, as we watch our flag wave,
It’s the land of the free and the home of the Braves.
We’re the beasts from the East, you know we’re reppin’ that NL,
Where the pitchers are men, they hit for themselves.

I put the hat on, all the girls turn their heads,
It’s like I’m running with the bulls and I’m only wearing red,
Pretty ladies come running, and they all wanna flirt,
Once they get a glimpse of my new Jason Heyward t-shirt,
Freddi Free on 1st, Freddi G in the D.O.,
We’re on top of the world like Kate and Leo,
Uggla, Simmons, and McCann that’s a terrifying trio,
I miss you Chipper Jones, you’re the one like Neo.

Infield fly, more like infield cry,
When the Card’s moved on, I almost infield died,
New team, new year, now we’re headed for the top,
Bury me at turner field, I’ma chop until I drop.

Go BJ, that’s my BJ,
New Brave, all the way, from the Rays,
On his back he got the deuce like he’s plumbing,
Washington we comin’, October’s where we runnin’,
Striking out maybe, hittin’ yikketys daily!
Your team spittin’ up bombs like a new born baby,
Mr. Wren doin work, adding Upton’s to the family,
Chris Johnson too, I just call it Wrensanity!

(Spoken) Braves country! Wherever you’re at in the world… just keep that chop arm strong. Let’s go!

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  1. Todd O. April 2, 2013 at 11:35 PM #

    Just wanted to say love the song!! Hope they play it at the games this season.

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